About Us

inotec have built a reputation of delivering solutions that provide a financial business case, for a return on investment, by understanding the clients “specific business needs” across several Blue chip companies.

We can therefore concept, design & deliver products and solutions that provide our clients with the specific requirements they need to deliver their own financial business case to their end users providing “GAME CHANGING” innovative solutions.

This provides a totally focussed business strategy, around end client business needs to optimise, maximise the utilisation of their asset portfolio.

The technology is based around Low Power Local Area Networks, which enables us to provide battery powered, wireless communications lasting between 1 to 3 years.

The products will have the capability and flexibility to provide remote wireless data transfer, to a local data harvester, which inturn can provide data to the Web or client server.

This innovative technology is be web based, that will tweet & sleep, lick & stick, so as to minimise power usage.