WEMS – Workplace Efficiency Monitoring Solutions

Inotec UK limited are a “tech start-up” company, with innovative, game changing, patent applied for, technology products & solutions, Inotec WEMS, was set up last year, to fulfill the potential of providing real-time Web based cloud data (Big Data), for Global Workplace Solutions. WEMS – Workplace Efficiency Monitoring Solutions, utilising battery powered, short range RF wireless communications, providing clients, building utilisation, efficiency and utility monitoring products, substantially reducing real estate costs!

The strength of the technology

The products provide real-time data on how the building is being used, battery powered occupancy sensors for the Workplace, desk, meeting rooms, offices and phone booth areas, to enable our clients to make informed decisions, regarding their building efficiency and processes.

Using short range wireless communications, we can provide; Temperature, lighting, Noise, humidity & other environmental building data.

Finally, by linking the occupancy data with the utility monitoring, we can make the client accountable, for energy, lighting, heating etc with a cost per person throughout a 24 hour period, clearly defining wasted energy!

The Technology

The core of our innovative technology, providing a short range wireless, low power network (iLan) via batteries, using innovative, low power microprocessor unit, providing 315, 434, 868 or 915Mhz communications, 868Mhz being the frequency most utilised for European and Middle East communications and 434Mhz for USA.

Workplace Efficiency Monitoring Solutions

WEMS Data Collectors

WEMS clients: Work Place solutions companies, Building consultants, Facility Management companies

iLan Wireless network for WEMS environment

iLan Wireless network for WEMS environment